It's time to get our way of life back.

With Omicron, rules designed for Delta no longer make sense

Omicron is more infectious and harder to stop. But it’s also milder, especially when combined with vaccination. The current restrictions on our freedoms are no longer justified for facing Omicron. With frustration and fatigue growing, it is time to move on and get back control of our lives.

ACT says:

We should adopt 72-hour isolation periods that end with a negative test.
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Mask requirements should continue because, while irritating, they are a cost-effective way of reducing spread.
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The booster roll-out should continue for those who want them.
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The ban on importing rapid antigen tests approved in Australia, the UK and similar jurisdictions should be ended.
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The requirement for businesses to display codes and have people scan in should be dropped along with the requirement to contact trace cases.
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Government vaccine mandates should be immediately removed in favour of allowing businesses, councils, schools, and other organisations to make their own rules.
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MIQ should be dumped immediately in favour of allowing travellers with a negative test to enter New Zealand.
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The traffic light system, along with restrictions on gatherings, should be dumped immediately.
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The virus has changed. Our approach must change too.

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Prime Minister: Give us control of our lives again by removing restrictions that no longer stack up.
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